I have forgotten my username. What can I do now?

    - Click on 'Help/Register' at the top right corner under the username and password input fields.
    - Select the option 'Forgotten your username?'
    - In order to ensure your details are kept safe, you need to fill out a form with personal questions on the following page.
    - Your username will then be emailed to you immediately. 

I have forgotten my password. How do I get a new password?

  • Click on 'Help/Register' at the upper right corner under the username and password input fields.
  • Select the option 'Forgotten your password?'
  • For the purpose of identification you must first enter your username and date of birth on the following page before you are able to request and assign a new password.
  • When entering your new password, pay attention to upper and lower case letters. 

What bonuses is Rivalo currently offering?

  • Click on 'Promotions'.
  • On the following page you will find all the bonuses currently being offered by Rivalo, as well as the applicable terms & conditions.
  • You don't need any Bonus Code for your Welcome Bonus. You simply need to make your first deposit and we will double your deposited amount up to $200.000 COP.
  • This amount is credited automatically to your account if you accept the Welcome Bonus offer. If you decide to reject the first deposit bonus, please keep in mind that the bonus will no longer be available for future deposits.

I would like to deposit on my betting account. What payment options are offered?

  • Click on 'Payment Options'.
  • On the following page you will find all the current payment methods accepted by Rivalo as well as the corresponding applicable conditions.
  •  You can also hover the mouse over the user symbol, on the upper right corner of the main menu, and click on "Deposit".
  • You will be redirected to the deposit page where you will be able to choose your preferred payment method (among those being offered by Rivalo) and the deposit amount. 

I would like to deposit on my betting account. Are there any fees charged for this?

  • Rivalo does not charge any fee for the deposits made by the users to their betting accounts. Your deposits are free.
  • We try to make your deposits immediate, however, on occasions, it is possible that the payment provider takes a bit more time in making your deposits go though successfully.  
  • To verify each payment provider's time frame for a deposit to take effect, please go to "Payment Options" and verify the conditions of each method.

I would like to make a deposit to my betting account via bank transfer. How does this work and when will the corresponding amount be available in my account?

At the moment we only have the option of bank transfers enabled for withdrawals; nevertheless, we are working hard to include this and many more other payment options for both, your deposits and withdrawals.

I've won! How can request my money to be paid out?

  • Click on 'Payment Options'.
  • On the following page you will find all the current payment methods and the ones that are enabled by Rivalo for withdrawals, as well as the applicable conditions.
  • Select your preferred method and click on "Withdraw". On the following page you will be able to fill in the requested withdrawal amount or change the payment method if desired. 
  • You can also click on "Withdrawals" from the main menu being displayed when hovering over the user icon on the upper right corner of the page. You will be redirected to the withdrawals page, where you will be able to choose the withdrawal amount you wish to request and your preferred payment option. 
  • Click on "Withdraw funds", fill in the requested information and follow the relevant steps on the screen. Once you're done, click on "Pay out now".
  • Remember that every payment method has a set of conditions preestablished for their services. Please verify them before finalizing your withdrawal request.
  • As soon as the payout has been successfully completed, you will be notified immediately via email.
  • Please keep in mind that, by law, all withdrawal requests will be accepted, and their payment ordered, by Rivalo, within a period of no more than 72 hours, once the Payment & Fraud department has carried out the analysis and verification processes required by the law.
  • We guarantee our users that we carry out this processes in the shortest possible time. However, please consider the fact that the chosen payment provider or financial institution may also take an additional time to approve/execute your transaction. Rivalo has no control over these additional times.
  • It is important that you keep in mind all NON banking days at the time of calculating the time frame for your withdrawal to take effect. 

I would like to request a withdrawal from my betting account. Are all payouts free?

  • The processing of withdrawals is free of charge by Rivalo.
  • Please keep in mind that your bank may charge you an additional fee when receiving a payment. These conditions are exclusively established by each financial institution and are therefore not Rivalo's decision.
  • Please verify with your bank any additional fee or costs that may be charged for your transactions.
  • Please be aware that if your withdrawal request is equal to or higher than $1.644.960 (48 UVT), Rivalo is obligated by law to retain the corresponding 20% of your withdrawal amount, for income withholding tax.

I have won one or more bets! When are they credited to my account?

  • We constantly strive to process betting slips as quickly as possible. However, these cannot be completely evaluated until we have received the official results for the corresponding sporting event.
  • Please note that the assessment time may vary from one sport to another.
  • If you are aware of the official results of the event you placed your bet on and your winnings have not yet been credited to your account, please be so kind to send our Customer Service team an email with the number of your winning betting slip so that they can assist you and verify the status of your bet.

What is the maximum amount of money I can win?

  • In sports betting there is generally a winnings limit of $350.000.000 COP per customer per week.
  • In addition there is also a winnings limit of $350.000.000 COP per betting slip.

I would like to place a bet. What is the minimum stake?

  • For individual or simple bets, the minimum stake per bet placed is $1.000 COP
  • For system and multiple bets, the minimum stake per combination is $1.000 COP

What is the maximum number of bets I can place on one betting slip?

  • You can place up to 30 betting events on one betting slip.

What is a bet request?

With a bet request you are able to manually apply for a bet that was rejected by our automatic system due to set limits. The request is then checked manually by our bookmaking team who will then decide if the bet can be accepted.
Note: A bet request approved by our bookmaking team will immediately be placed as a binding bet and the stake will be debited from your betting account. Therefore, it is important that you make sure there is enough credit in your betting account at the moment of submitting a bet request. A bet request will be rejected without further notice if your current balance is insufficient to cover the requested stake.
Please note that bet requests may only be submitted between 08:00 and 00:00.

How do I make a bet request? And what do I need to consider here?

When you reach a limit when placing a bet or increasing the stake, you will be notified with a warning or corresponding message displayed on the betting slip. You now have the following possibilities, for which not all payment methods are always enabled:

  • Adjust the stake: The maximum possible stake for your bet is displayed and you may choose to accept this max. amount as the stake. The bet is then placed with the permitted stake.
  • Request a bet: You can manually apply for the bet with your desired stake with our bookmaking team. Please note that under certain circumstances the bet can be approved with a reduced stake. By submitting the bet request you agree to this possible reduction.
  • Accept the stake limit and request a bet for the remaining amount: The maximum possible stake for your bet is displayed and you may choose to accept it as your bet stake. You then request a bet for the difference between the original desired stake and the reduced stake of the bet placed with our bookmaking team. Please note that under certain circumstances the bet can be approved with a reduced stake. By submitting the bet request you agree to this possible reduction.

Example of Reduced stake and bet request for the remaining amount:

You want to place a bet for $1.960.000 COP but this amount reaches a limit. You decide to place the bet for the maximum possible stake of $1.300.000 COP and additionaly request a bet for the remaining $660.000 COP. Our bookmaking team then decides whether this requested bet of $660.000 COP is to be accepted, if the stake has to be reduced (e.g. to $330.000 COP) or if the bet cannot be accepted at all.

 Please note that bet requests may only be submitted between 08:00 and 00:00.

What happens if I apply for a bet?

Your bet request is immediately reviewed by our bookmaking team. You can see the status of a requested bet under 'My Bets' at any time. The following are the possible statuses for your requested bets:

  • Request pending: Your bet request is still being reviewed. You are still able to cancel the bet.
  • Open: Your bet has been reviewed and accepted by our bookmaking team. As mentioned before, it may be possible that the requested stake was reduced. Clicking on the betting slip number redirects you to the betting slip with the details of your bet, including the accepted bet stake.
  • Rejected: Your bet has been reviewed, but unfortunately our bookmaking team has not accepted your request. You can view the reasons for rejection in the betting slip details.

I received the message 'Unfortunately a stake of this amount is no longer possible'. What does this mean?

Our risk management team constantly monitors all stake limits, adjusts them continually and processes all bet requests. These procedures are subject to a great number of parameters, including the game and outcome a bet is placed on, stakes already placed on this type of bet and many others. However, due to constant changes, no general statement can be made.

I would like to bet on a competition, result or sport that I can't find in Rivalo's betting program. Is this possible?

Every week we offer up to 3.000 betting events, on hundreds of sporting events, with the most attractive odds. We offer a wide selection of odds on every betting event. However, unfortunately, we are unable to include all competitions and sports in our betting program. Nevertheless, and since your satisfaction is close to our heart, we are very interested in hearing your wishes and desires. We therefore invite you to please click on 'Contact' so that you can send us your suggestions. We kindly ask you, however, to understand that, even when we do listen to all of your suggestions and requests, we are unable to guarantee their implementation.
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