Responsible Gaming


1. Online gambling may cause addiction, which poses several risks such as:

    Low performance at work and even job loss;
    Plummeting grades and degradation of self-development;
    Ruined credit scores and increase in overall debt;
    Damaged relationships;
    Psychological repercussions, with increased levels of anxiety, stress, depression and even forms of PTSD;
    Increase in criminal activity.

2. Gaming prohibition to minors

    Gaming is illegal for people under 18 and assumes its responsibility to avoid underage gaming. We carry out age verifications to all of our customers and request documentation to verify the age in those cases where verifications do not bring conclusive answers.
    An account belonging to any person under 18 in will be closed and the earnings will be annulled.
    If you suspect that any person under 18 is betting in, please, contact us to let us know this situation.
    There are many applications like which parents or tutors can use to control or restrict internet access.

3. Responsible gaming 

    Sports betting and online casino games become more popular every time and, unlike games of chance, like lottery or draw games, there is a real chance to win. However, only a few people have become rich by gambling. Online casino games are not a “goldmine” either. Betting and casino games serve as entertainment, which is why they should always be considered as a game.
    To make sure that the game remains being a game, and that your hobby does not end up going out-of-control or becomes compulsive gambling, we recommend you always considering the following principles when you visit
    Be aware that gaming is part of your entertainment and does not represent in any way a secure source of income.
    Draw a limit on the number of your bets, as well as to the amount of your bets, so that losing cannot have an impact on your economic wellness.
    Limit the amount of time that you wish to dedicate to online gaming and do not consider, by any means, prolonging this amount of time.
    Respect your time limits and the amount you reserve for betting, when you are winning as well as when you are losing.
    Never gamble the money that you need for your livelihood and to fulfill your economic obligations or those of your family.
    Do not request loans or ask for money in any other way to gamble or play online.
    Do not gamble or play when you’re under the influence of alcohol or medication.
    Do not use the possibility to play online to distract yourself from fights, deceptions, frustrations or any other kind of issues.
    Do not stop paying attention to your social environment and take seriously the reactions of your partner, family, friends or co-workers.
    Do not play or gamble secretly, or put aside any of your other leisure activities because of this activity.
    Be honest with yourself, in case you’re having problems following the fundamental rules that we previously mentioned (even if this applies only to some of them) we recommend you asking for professional help.
    There are many independent organizations that offer help to people with compulsive gambling issues. You can find more information, for instance, at the following website
    Do you need help? Please contact our support team.

4. Betting limits provides a set of mechanisms and functions that can be used to limit your wagers or the duration of your sessions. You are currently able to set your own stake or loss limits per day, week or month. also offers you the option to automatically end your session after one, two, five, 12 or 24 hours and you also have the possibility to limit your deposit amount per day, week or month. Please click here to change your current limits.

5. Self-exclusion

    Self-exclusion allows you to close your account during a specific period of one day as a minimum, two, three, up to 14 days, one, three, six months or in a permanent way. This way you will avoid playing at during the selected period. During a self-exclusion period, you will not be able to use your account to bet or play, even though you will be able to access to withdraw any remaining balance.
    Even though we will delete you from our marketing database, we recommend you to delete of your notifications and to delete of your social networks. Perhaps you will also be interested in installing software to block access to gambling sites. We recommend you to go to Jugadores Anonimos so they can help you with your issue.
    To do your self-exclusion, once you are logged in please click here.

6. Data protection 

    Please click here to read more about our Data privacy and confidentiality policies or send any inquiries related to data protection to

7. Terms and conditions

    On 27.10.2021 08:55:47 you agreed to the terms and conditions. If you wish to review these terms, please click here or download them in .PDF format here.

8. Sports betting offers 

    You can check the sports betting offers at any time, by browsing to the ‘Sports betting’ page. For a full list of betting and account rules, please review the Betting Rules here .

9. Frequently asked questions

    To provide you with better assistance, you can check our FAQ here or send us a message here .

Help needed? Please contact our support team.

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